Raise the Bar – Vocal Group

Raise the Bar Vocal Group - Geelong Choir

Raise the Bar Vocal Group

Raise the Bar, our adult SATB vocal group, has been formed to allow singers of all ages to work to an advanced level. As a logical extension of GYC, we invite GYC alumni, family members and other singers of Geelong to join. With conductor Denise, conductor-in-training Dylan and the incredibly talented Stef on piano, it’s a well paced evening for those who enjoy performing music in a range of styles and levels of difficulty.

We have a special rate for tertiary students, knowing it can be a frugal time of life, and we’d like to offer the opportunity to either begin or continue with the enjoyment that choral singing brings. Rehearsals are held each Thursday evening in Highton. 

Conductor – Denise Hollingworth

Conductor-in-training – Dylan McBurney

Accompanists – Stefanie Gumienik and Brad Treloar

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Geelong Youth Choir

All classes are held in Highton during school terms.

GYC - Thursday afternoons

Let's Make Music - Thursday and Friday mornings

Raise the Bar - Thursday evenings

Ph. 0414 806 228 for more information.

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Contact us to request an information pack and enrolment package

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