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In the Vivace Choir, children have the advantage of starting young and progressing through a developmental music program which provides children with a solid foundation in vocal techniques, aural training, music literacy, and musicianship. The Vivace program caters for children of lower primary ages and also provides continuation from the Let’s Make Music Preschool Program.

The Vivace program is delivered in a developmentally appropriate format and learning is made fun through the use of games and activities that promote active participation.

In the Vivace Choir, your child will be exposed to a wide variety of quality music through two types of repertoire: a ‘performance’ repertoire and a ‘teaching’ repertoire. The teaching repertoire is made up of very short and simple songs, often reinforced through games and activities. These songs form part of the Kodály methodology and enable children to develop their voice, pitch matching skills, and music literacy / sight reading skills. Concepts are reinforced through many different activities over a period of time. This repetition is vital to ensure children have a solid understanding of each concept before moving on.

The Vivace Choir performs once a term for family and friends at our in-house concerts. They also have opportunities to share with older choristers, benefiting from positive vocal role models and immersion in harmonies and advanced part-singing.

There are no auditions for entry into the Vivace Choir. Places are limited and a waiting list may apply. Please book early to secure your place in this program.

Ceridwyn Gordon (Vivace Choir)

Ceridwyn Gordon has a passion and commitment to teaching music and drama to children. She began teaching pre-school music in 2005 at Creating Music in Geelong. She has since worked consistently as a music facilitator at a number of kindergartens and community settings around Geelong, developing her own music program and style. In 2012 Ceridwyn worked with the Bluebird Foundation to present Rhyme, Rhythm and Song to Preps – Year 2’s at Northern Bay College (Tallis Street Campus).

Ceridwyn holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Drama, a Diploma in Education and Level 1 in Orff Music Education. Originally from New Zealand, she has a background in the performing arts, particularly storytelling, and for the last ten years has worked as a freelance storyteller in the Geelong and Surf Coast region. Since 2002 she has devised, directed and performed in a number of community performances as part of the annual High Tide Festival in Torquay. From 2000 she has taught Drama within schools in both Alice Springs and Geelong, and from 2002-2005 with Helen O’Grady’s Drama Academy.

Singing in groups and choirs has been a lifelong passion and, since 2004, she has been a co-facilitator for a community singing group called Singing For Fun in Bellbrae (Surf Coast). She is currently singing with Corisande Vocal Group in Belmont and is the conductor of a community singing group in Cloverdale, Corio.



Geelong Youth Choir

All classes are held in Highton during school terms.

GYC - Thursday afternoons

Let's Make Music - Thursday and Friday mornings

Raise the Bar - Thursday evenings

Ph. 0414 806 228 for more information.

Enrolment package

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